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Munich Venture Partners provides businesses which have promising ideas and business models offering high market potential with the capital required to put their vision into practice and to develop their start-up into a profit-generating enterprise. The deciding factors for choosing our portfolio companies are:

  • A high degree of innovation: What makes the start-up unique and innovative?
  • The business idea and growth potential: How will the enterprise succeed commercially?  
  • The market: Does the business operate in a promising and growing environment?
  • Customer benefit: What is the distinct unique selling point (USP) and what distinguishes the idea from other technologies?
  • Value growth: Will the business model allow above-average growth of enterprise value for the founders and investors?
  • The team: MVP invests in talented people, innovators, high-performing teams and entrepreneurial personalities.

MVP supports founders and entrepreneurs in solving business challenges and is a valuable advisor and point of contact in all stages of development:

  • Seed Stage
    Seed capital provides finance for the period in which an idea evolves, research & development is carried out and the development of prototypes financed. The aim here is to develop the idea into a proof of concept. Our team has experience of getting an idea off the ground and has performed a number of investments in seed-stage businesses.
  • Start-up Stage
    Start-up financing typically steps in when a functioning prototype exists and a market launch needs to be financed. Start-up financing is also provided to businesses which already have a product that is to be produced and marketed with the help of fresh capital.
  • Expansion Stage
    Once a business has successfully established its idea and product on the market, it then needs to expand its market position, professionalize product development and open up new markets and regions. MVP supports growth strategies and the team development that this requires with in-depth expertise and adequate capital.


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