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Our Team

MVP sees itself not just as investor. We also accompany our portfolio companies through all development stages using our industry and sector expertise and entrepreneurial experience.

The members of our team complement each other perfectly. Each member has gathered a wealth of experience in senior management and in the venture capital environment over the years.

Our team members’ technical expertise covers information and communications technology, physics, semiconductor electronics, power engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry and finance.

Dr. Walter Grassl | Dr. Martin Kröner  | Dr. Sönke Mehrgardt | Dr. Rolf Nagel | Michael Sailer | Daniel Vukovic  | Nadin Sperrhacke

Dr. Walter Grassl
Dr. Martin Kröner
Dr. Rolf Nagel
Michael Sailer
Nadin Sperrhacke
Daniel Vukovic
Dr. Sönke Mehrgardt


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